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Bonito de Madrid, better known as Bonzo (BONE-so), is the commander of Salamander Army at Battle School. He's got some honor issues...notably the fact that he'd fit right in in antebellum Mississippi, despite being born about three hundred years later. A lot of this is driven by the fact that he's commander of an 'army' of forty kids, and thus he feels the need to show that he's in charge.

Bonzo was born in Cartagena, Spain.

Bonzo is from Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card.

Update 1/25/07: Bonzo has been through a bit of everything over the last few years. He's now somewhere in the ballpark of 16, and he has so far:
-Inadvertantly prevented a full victory during the Third Invasion by not dying.
-Made numerous Jedi friends in Milliways, and done his best to...break himself of certain habits, at least somewhat at their behest.
-Gone back home and managed to kriff up his world more than he thought possible (so far as he can tell) by working with Achilles de Flanders.

In short, he has the best intentions...really, he does. He just has certain bad habits (a rather nasty temper, a feeling that the ends justify the means, and a habit of blaming other people in his mind for things that go wrong) that keep cropping up.

Update 6/28/07: Bonzo now has no memory of who he once was. All he knows is that he woke up one morning in a room in Dooku's name, wearing Jedi robes. His name, as far as he's concerned, is Bruck. No last name, just a first name.

Personality-wise, he's still figuring out who "he" is. So...much sorting out of an identity, straight from a blank slate.

Bonzo is about midway through five feet tall...say between 5'5 and 5'9. He's got black hair, which is cut reasonably short, and a braid behind his left ear if you look at him from the front that extends a decent part of the way to his shoulder. A good drawing can be found here:

Much of the time, he'll be wearing his Jedi robes...think standard Old Republic Jedi. Obi-Wan Kenobi, c.Episode 1 if you need help visualizing. When he's not, it'll be one of his old Battle School uniforms or a t-shirt and shorts/sweater and pants, depending on the weather. Oh, and he'll usually have his lightsaber on his belt, almost no matter what, since he spends an inordinate amount of time outside practicing his form.

Update 1/25/07: The braid is temporarily gone, and though he's growing it back, it's virtually invisible. His lightsaber is also gone for the time being (in Dooku's hands), as are his Ep. 1-era robes (in his room back on Earth). His hair right now is a bit longer, too. So, he's likely either wearing sweats or t-shirt-and-shorts (weather dependent) in a nice, dark color.

Update 6/28/07: "Bruck's" clothing is now variable again; in a bit of irony, his braid is back, and it might well have saved him from being identified (since it was of genuine hair, and the holos of him killing people didn't have enough hair to let it exist).
May, 2013: Bonzo has rebooted. He's got a fairly short, quasi-military-style haircut; unless otherwise stated, he's wearing a Battle School uniform. Based on canon, he's probably 12 at the moment...but there will be at least some playing-by-ear on this given how much movie canon has been tinkered with (and since Petra-mun, Bean-mun, and I are trying to stay on the same page).

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