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Every character has a good/evil 'thermostat' setting. This setting can be adjusted by events, and the 'temperature in the room' doesn't always look like it.

Think of a house, if you will, on a hot summer day with the air conditioning on strong, to keep the house about 65 degrees. Now, let's say that some idiot leaves the door open in the middle of the afternoon, while the A/C gets turned off automatically for an hour. Is the house still going to be 65 degrees in an hour? I don't think so.

The same thing happened with Bonzo when he came into Milliways. The A/C got shut off and the thermostat reset (he was out of Battle School for an extended period of time, and when he eventually went back, I would argue he was changed quite a bit), and a certain idiot (the mun) left the door open for a lot of 'good' to flood in, via being in Milliways (when everyone around you is pretty good, it doesn't work well for being in a moral grey area).

Now, let's briefly talk about Dooku. Dooku had a thermostat shake, but he's still got the Ego That Ate Coruscant. He didn't take on Bonzo for the best reasons...he wanted to show up Qui-Gon with a 'superior performance', to be perfectly blunt.

So, to those of you who have had IC unease about their little relationship: Your concerns are 100% justified and correct; he ain't gonna make a great Jedi in the long run, even if he seems to be pulling it off in the short run. I've been agitated to a certain extent with how well things were working out, all saw how well he handled seeing Petra beaten up, right? That's just the surface. The kid is very insecure, very concerned with his image as opposed to what's beneath the surface...none of this is good.

To those of you with OOC concerns: I understand; let me get some material to work with and we'll be back into Morally Ambiguous Land soon enough. He's been in the Bar too kriffing long, and I need to get him out (hopefully on the heels of some Bad Advice) for a bit soon.

And, as a closing note, to those of you who have been frustrated with my RP in any way, shape, or form, I honestly encourage you to talk to me. I'm willing to work on OOC things brought to me in an OOC capacity; when they spill into IC-land, we can talk about engineering RP to meet desired goals.
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OOM 1: Not as Rosy as Everything Seems to Be

It would be fair to say that, while Dooku and Bonzo had presumptively seen eye-to-eye on everything, there was a lot neither was saying. Dooku was expecting Bonzo to be able to wave his hands and make all attachments vanish. Bonzo, on the other hand, was expecting to be knighted reasonably quickly, although he was a bit more patient on this front. Bonzo also, in spite of a truckload of advice and so forth to the contrary, has been expecting to go out and save the world. Thus sets the stage for the first major spat between Master and Padawan to date.

Bonzo knocks on the door to Dooku's room. "You wanted to see me, Master?"

"Yes, Bonzo. Come on in."

Bonzo enters, quietly closing the door behind him. "Bonzo, I wanted to ask you why you insisted on going back with Petra. I understand rescuing her, to some extent, but your insistence on going back concerns me."

Bonzo sighs. "I didn't want her to get hurt."

"And what of our earlier discussion about your attachment to her?"

"I have been trying to control it."

"Trying is not enough." That is said with a certain degree of firmness that makes Bonzo flinch.

"Master, I know. But she's a friend..."

"And an attachment. Look what that attachment made you do the first time you went back." The firmness causes another flinch, this time at least in part because of the memories it brings back. "I seem to recall hearing a story in here about someone else who lost their temper in a very similar situation." And that just sends shivers down Bonzo's spine.

"I...I..." Pause. "I have failed you, Master." He says that, stung by admitting his failures.

Dooku, however, does not stop there, like he did before. "You failed to control your attachments, and you failed to control yourself, Bonzo. These are very grave failures, and they do not bode well at all for you." The look on Dooku's face is somewhere between frustrated and furious...not explosively furious, but furious just the same. "Go to your room and think about what you have done wrong in the last few weeks. Then, we can talk about this further."

Bonzo nods, bows slightly, and leaves the room...stung deeply by the meeting.

Bonzo makes his way back to his room. Once there, he closes his eyes to think.

How did I fail?

Was it by having the attachment, as Master Dooku said, or was it by failing to control it, as Corran said?

And how can a Jedi be married if attachments are forbidden?

Either Dooku is missing something or Corran is missing something.

There's a pause in Bonzo's thinking, and then he shakes his head.

Does Dooku know what he's talking about? And is Dr. Crowe right that I shouldn't get rid of my attachments?

He spends maybe an hour sitting in his room, thinking this over, before he realizes that time is passing, and before his train of thought finally comes to a stop somewhere.

Dooku must be wrong...maybe his answers work for him, but they don't work for me.

And, with that, Bonzo abandons Dooku's impressed doctorine of absolute detachment, although not without a little hesitation at where that might go.

Let's just hope that this doesn't get me into another bathroom.

While Bonzo is busy throwing out Dooku's teachings, Dooku is busy having his own internal monologue, something that it has come to the attention of the mun that he has disregarded while he should have been developing it. For this, an apology is owed, and the mun will attempt to resolve that in the future.

I thought he'd be able to embrace detachment much more easily than he does remind me of why we take children into the Order so young.

How did Qui-Gon make a Jedi out of Ray, then? Did he adhere to all that we know, or did he selectively apply it? And if so, what did he exclude?
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GrayAnderson5: Hey
CroupierRick: howdy =)
GrayAnderson5: What's up?
CroupierRick: man, it seemed quiet in chat tonight
GrayAnderson5: *nods*
Could you help me with something?
CroupierRick: if I can, sure
GrayAnderson5: This is a rather long, involved, and extensive analysis of how I've frelled up a character, and I'd like to try and get some feedback.
CroupierRick: ohhh, no problem at all. lemme read
GrayAnderson5: (It's four posts long...I couldn't get the latter thing into one post.)
CroupierRick: no problem
CroupierRick: great posts there. ok, I have a few questions to ask so I can think about this
GrayAnderson5: Alright, shoot.
CroupierRick: ok, one thing I'm not sure of is--are you seeing Bonzo ultimately as going through a dark time and then emerging as a hero? or is his story a tragic one of ultimately being overwhelmed by those shoes (and maybe redeeming himself with one final act)?
GrayAnderson5: I see the latter as being highly likely. I could see both...working with what I've done (and, to some extent, forced onto him), he's managed an amazing turnaround, but it can't last. And in my own mind, he can't live as a's just not who he is. So, I think he's ultimately going to end up going out tragically, albeit possibly with his exit being on a more heroic note.
CroupierRick: ok, good, that helps a lot. lets see, other questions
CroupierRick: so the problem with being surrounded by too many good people then, is that that puts him on the path of being a hero. and not the path of being someone with conflicting ethics that make a tragic end more plausible. have I got that right?
GrayAnderson5: That's about right. He adapted the morality of those around him when he was reforming things in his own mind, and that involved taking after the Jedi. He could just as easily (and he quite possibly should have) taken after a bunch of crooks, so long as he thought he was picking a better course than he was on.
CroupierRick: ok, yeah. makes sense. And the Jedi ARE a problem plot-wise then, b/c they're definitely hero types.
CroupierRick: which actually raises a related issue: which is that in my interactions with Dooku, I've ended up liking the guy. and I think that's a problem, lol
GrayAnderson5: Note my ending comment.
CroupierRick: yes, I totally follow you on that. but at the same time, I would also agree that he is a very tricky character type to pull off within the context of Milliways.
GrayAnderson5: Agreed. Which has led to some problems; I think that some of that will be resolved once I put him back into the SW-verse.
CroupierRick: probably true
GrayAnderson5: (I think we may be seeing something I've noted before: Milliways ultimately pulls people towards being good)
GrayAnderson5: (If you were on the fence, things will break in favor of "good" when they wouldn't necessarily, all else being equal)
CroupierRick: I mostly agree with that. my usual take on this is that pups end up doing things that traditionally seem good primarily b/c there really isn't any value in being evil. you can't actually do any harm to others in the bar (and 'in the bar' is what ultimately counts), so things default to civil behavior--which to most people seems identical to good. even though in sophisticated social environments, behavior can be 'civil' and yet subtly cruel. but subtly cruel, again, is hard to do in Milliways
GrayAnderson5: Bingo. In reality, there's a payoff to being a crook. In the Bar, there isn't.
CroupierRick: exactly!
CroupierRick: and incidentally, there's a corrollary to that
CroupierRick: gah, spelling
CroupierRick: which is that I believe firmly that victories in Milliways are utlimately empty. b/c heroes can't do harm either. which means, if, say, there was a confrontation between Palpatine and Luke, everyone would know it would go nowhere. and no matter what happened, the next day, both pups would be back in the bar--as if nothing had happened. this keeps happening all the time in bar plots, and I think it rips the heart out of rivalries and conflicts in the game
GrayAnderson5: *nods*
Agreed. Ultimately, a character can veer heavily to either end of the spectrum, and it means nothing because the consequences of failure are so lacking.
CroupierRick: yup
CroupierRick: so
CroupierRick: we're left with variations on, how do I want to put it--the kind of conflicts you would see in a Jane Austen novel, lol. it's about insults and such, not much more. you *could* do a plot about a subtle manipulator (which is what you seem to be toying with), but man, you would need a *lot* of cooperation from several muns to pull that off convincingly. I'm not saying it 's not worth trying, mind. but it wont' be easy
GrayAnderson5: *nods*
Which is why we come back to an extended IC vacation from the Bar, something that feels inevitable.
CroupierRick: yeah, I agree with you
CroupierRick: Dooku is your pup, right?
GrayAnderson5: Yeah
CroupierRick: ok, good, that might make things easier
CroupierRick: b/c you have both sides of their interactions
CroupierRick: I'm wondering
GrayAnderson5: *nods*
It's been a problem, and it's a bone of contention, but it could be used in a very productive way.
CroupierRick: would it help if Dooku was more of an asshole in the bar? would that make him more of the shifty role-model you're looking for for Bonzo? Or would taking that road with Dooku then mess up HIS arc?
GrayAnderson5: Now we get into a complicated game of causes and effects. He's been putting a good deal of pressure on Bonzo in unwritten out-of-Bar scenes. One thing that has been kriffing things up is that now Obi-Wan Kenobi is in the picture, and that is making things hard to do.

If Dooku took up a more asshole-esque line in the Bar (I'm thinking having him come out a bit stuck up, egotistical...a big problem here is that I have very little canon to work with now)
GrayAnderson5: And here's one thing I failed to write...
GrayAnderson5: Dooku took on Bonzo to outdo Qui-Gon.
CroupierRick: ohhhh!!
GrayAnderson5: "Oh, he can make a non-Force Sensitive into a Jedi? I'll take someone who's more questionable and make them a successs!"
CroupierRick: omg, with all these Jedi interacting like this--you have a GREAT plot here. but it would be SO MUCH easier as a tabletop RPG.
CroupierRick: are Qui-Gon mun and Obi-Wan-mun people you can talk to and RP with easily?
GrayAnderson5: Obi-Wan-mun? Yes. Qui-Gon-mun? There's been a big glitch.
GrayAnderson5: I haven't gotten a full RP out of her in 22 months.
CroupierRick: ahh, ok. that's too bad. but it happens. and anyway, I guess it makes things less complicated if there's just Obi-Wan to deal with.
CroupierRick: even if it limits the awesomeness of this plot idea
CroupierRick: but I think we agree that, at this point, the key to success with Bonzo really likes with making Dooku a successful pup?
CroupierRick: likes > lies
GrayAnderson5: I think that makes sense, considering what's on the table.
CroupierRick: ok, I have a suggestion, but it will be a little involved--so let me run to the bathroom and put on a pot of tea first, ok? lol
GrayAnderson5: Sounds
CroupierRick: hee. ok, brb
CroupierRick: ok, tea brewing
CroupierRick: lemme see, where do I start
CroupierRick: let me ask this--have you read the Harry Potter books or seen the movies?
GrayAnderson5: No.
GrayAnderson5: Sorry.
CroupierRick: that's ok. there was a reference I would make, but it's no biggie
CroupierRick: I admit, I haven't read every Dooku thread, so you might already be doing this--and if you have, then the fault is on me for not keeping up. But for a conflicted pup like him (and for Bonzo), I think in Milliways you need to add as much internal dialogue as you can when RPing with anyone other than Obi-Wan. b/c that way you might be able to telegraph better to other muns why Dooku or Bonzo is doing some of the things he does. in an IDEAL game, we'd never have to do this--b/c it robs the story a bit--but I think it's a reality of the game. where I'm going with this is with Dooku....
CroupierRick: ...b/c I think making Dooku more of a jerk in the bar is a good idea, but that always runs the risk of pissing off other muns and making them not want to interact with him. putting in internal monologue will help to ease that annoyance. and THEN you could make him much more shifty and a jerk, but also make him interesting enough to keep other muns wanting to engage with him
CroupierRick: and that goes for Bonzo too
CroupierRick: none of this solves the problem, mind. I'm just suggesting it as a ground to build on
GrayAnderson5: *nods*
There's another thing that's goofed things up. There's a disincentive for a jerk to be a jerk both to the character and to the mun.
CroupierRick: YES.and that really limits a lot of potential plots
CroupierRick: and it's frustrating. b/c I see a lot of muns having this problem and I wish I could tell them--open up a bit. let the other mun know more of what's going on.
CroupierRick: b/c in too many cases, they try to play it straight. and that SHOULD be enough. but in this game it just isn't
CroupierRick: b/c ultimately, I could see Dooku being a guy (and this was my HP ref--to a pup named Lucius Malfoy) who is a jerk 9 out of 10 times. but then when you're about to write him off--he suddenly comes through for you
CroupierRick: that's a hard pup to pull off in Milliways--but a really cool one if you can do it
CroupierRick: and that 10th time, he might STILL be looking out for number one--but he's willing to give other peopel what they want sometimes too. he's not evil--he's self-centered or ambitious. not the same thing at all
CroupierRick: *runs to get tea* brb
GrayAnderson5: *nods*
There's another thing: This is pre-falling Dooku.
CroupierRick: yeah, that is a problem. b/c I just assumed he was coming in after the movies somehow--which I would know isn't the case if I read his profile (I'm assuming you have that in there), but a lot of times you don't get a chance to. you just jump into thredas
CroupierRick: threads
CroupierRick: but you could maybe get that across in the internal monologues too, somehow.
GrayAnderson5: *nods*
GrayAnderson5: Lemme explain my initial (intended) plot.
CroupierRick: the other thing I would suggest, is that if you see an opportunity in a thread, for Dooku to act like a jerk--to really help establish his personality that way--every time that happens, make sure you get talking to the other mun in chat first and tell them wha tyou have in mind--so they can get on board with you
CroupierRick: yes, please, lay it on me =)
GrayAnderson5: Dooku came in. He was supposed to get Bonzo on board with him with those lightsaber lessons and so forth. He then goes back and falls. He re-enters the Bar sometime around Ep. 2, perhaps, and Bonzo goes crashing down with him, not realizing what he's agreeing with or siding with.
GrayAnderson5: He's vulnerable to being misled if he trusts the person.
GrayAnderson5: Ultimately, when that fall hit its worst, he'd be as much as, if not more of, a jerk than he was when he first came in.
CroupierRick: yeah, this looks very good to me
CroupierRick: working Dooku through canon at this point--great idea
CroupierRick: solves the pre-falling question for one thing! lol
GrayAnderson5: Well, there's a problem.
GrayAnderson5: That's why this got messed up: He knows about canon.
CroupierRick: Dooku does?
GrayAnderson5: Yeah.
GrayAnderson5: Too many Jedi around for the other shoe not to drop, and I chose to let it, unfortunately.
CroupierRick: I don't think it's necessarily unfortunate
CroupierRick: b/c there's an interesting angle to that
CroupierRick: let me lay it out if I can
GrayAnderson5: If he goes too far in trying to stop Palpatine?
CroupierRick: he's going to fail and die, right? and he knows that now
GrayAnderson5: Yeah.
CroupierRick: so
CroupierRick: we can assume he's NOT going to do that. b/c he's not stupid. but:
CroupierRick: is he choosing not to b/c he realizes the wrongness of him staying on that path? or is he doing it only b/c of self-preservation and he really hasn't learned anything from it? now THERE is an interesting ambiguity =)
GrayAnderson5: It's definitely the latter.
CroupierRick: and Obi-Wan probably knows this, right?
CroupierRick: or at least suspects it?
GrayAnderson5: I'm not certain.
CroupierRick: when is Obi-Wan from, btw? the Alec Guinesss PB makes me think the later trilogy but I'm not certain
GrayAnderson5: Post-Ep. 6
CroupierRick: ok. well, it would be reasonable for him to doubt Dooku anyway. if the mun wanted to go there
CroupierRick: so there you would have interesting conflict over Bonzo
CroupierRick: that would *completely* appropriate to play out in the bar
CroupierRick: in terms of arguments, etc, which are allowed
GrayAnderson5: Agreed...and doing a forced custody transfer wouldn't be a bad move, either.
CroupierRick: yeah. I like this, b/c now the conflict and pup development can happen in the bar as well as outside it
GrayAnderson5: *nods*
CroupierRick: I'm not sure that really solves the problem, but maybe it's a step in the right direction?
GrayAnderson5: I'll talk with Obi-mun about it. My one concern is that Obi-Wan will be too much of a positive influence (though Bonzo is already gravitating towards him, to be honest)
CroupierRick: well positive influences can piss off ambiguous guys like Bonzo, though. lol
CroupierRick: "You're not my dad!" lol
GrayAnderson5: Yeah...that would be something to bring out, too, b/t Bonzo and Dooku.
CroupierRick: definitely
CroupierRick: But I really think there needs to be a lot of internalizing in Obi-Wan and Dooku threads, so this story can really be brought out for other muns who are following along but may not be catching every thread
CroupierRick: if they can see where you're going, that will keep them coming back
CroupierRick: especially when they see you really have a plot playing out here. without opening up about what Dooku and OW are thinking, there's no way for them to know that
CroupierRick: and if you can contact other muns through chat during threads and get them to agree on scenes where Dooku or Bonzo are jerks--but the other mun knows WHY it's happening--that could really get your plot moving and make it more visible in the bar too
CroupierRick: Aaand I just thought of something else you could do--though it would make things more complicated
GrayAnderson5: Oh? One question, btw.
CroupierRick: ok
GrayAnderson5: How do we account for his general taking of an inferior position to the other Jedi?
CroupierRick: who? Dooku?
GrayAnderson5: Dooku, Obi-Wan, etc.
CroupierRick: do you mean Bonzo being deferential toward the Jedi?
GrayAnderson5: Yes.
CroupierRick: well, couldn't that just be an acknowledgement that these guys can kick serious ass?
GrayAnderson5: Yeah. And that Bonzo wants to be like them, etc.
CroupierRick: sure, that would make sense, even if Bonzo wasn't a goody two shoes
CroupierRick: in fact, it would make MORE sense if he was deferential
CroupierRick: his imagination would be more free to imagine what a guy could DO as a Jedi
CroupierRick: if he wasn't so ethical himself
CroupierRick: anyway, my other thought?
CroupierRick: the way you're describing this--it really seems like Dooku and Obi-Wan are eventually going to get into a stance--if they aren't there already--of trying to convince the people around them that each one is the 'right' one. the one who's really the 'sensible' one
CroupierRick: so they may try to draw other people in the bar to be on their 'side'--if only for the sake of arguments and the general mood of the bar
CroupierRick: this could be a great opening for them to approach other pups and get them involved in the Bonzo arc. if Obi-Wan and Dooku start trying to think of ways to win over other members of the bar. like helping them to achieve their own goals so they would owe either Dooku or Obi-Wan for the favor
CroupierRick: this would be a way for Dooku to be 'nice' and yet the internal monologue could signal to the other mun that there are always ulterior motives at play
CroupierRick: which may hook muns to say--this Dooku guy--I can't let my pup trust him too far, but damn, he's *interesting*! lol
CroupierRick: of course, this kind of party-building can get *very* complicated. but if you and Obi-Wan-mun keep in touch about it--and let the other muns who are also heavily involved keep in the loop too. well, that could be a very interesting mega-plot there
CroupierRick: does any of that make sense?
GrayAnderson5: It makes a lot of sense.
GrayAnderson5: Hmm...I've got an interesting thought.
CroupierRick: yup?
GrayAnderson5: At some point, Bonzo bounces back home and does his thing there. He comes back in, and we get Dooku blaming Obi-Wan for Bonzo's failures.
CroupierRick: ah!
GrayAnderson5: In fact...that could be a nice root cause of the breakdown.
CroupierRick: I think it would, yeah
GrayAnderson5: And...I could definitely see Dooku suffering a breakdown with Obi-Wan over that.
CroupierRick: yup, and it would build on what you guys have done. you wouldn't have to regret it--you could still build on it
CroupierRick: at least, it still fits with what's happened so far. it wouldn't be a sharp break, I don't think
CroupierRick: btw, if it would help to post all this in Bonzo's LJ for further reference or something, feel free to do that.
CroupierRick: I mean, if that would help
GrayAnderson5: It's going in there.
CroupierRick: cool
CroupierRick: honestly, I would be happy to have plot chats like this with other muns
CroupierRick: they're always fun and *I* learn a lot from them
CroupierRick: they just rarely happen
CroupierRick: so I'm really glad you asked
CroupierRick: PLUS, you have me thinking if I can get one of my pups into this, lol
CroupierRick: b/c Dooku is sounding a LOT like Wesley Wyndham-Pryce, my Buffyverse pup
CroupierRick: and I didn't realize that before
CroupierRick: and, of course, there's the connection between Bonzo and Malcolm
GrayAnderson5: *nods*
CroupierRick: And I've already established tha tmy pups don't like each other already, lol. now two of them might have a *reason*
CroupierRick: b/c Malcolm is more of an Obi-Wan influence
GrayAnderson5: Hmm...and it would be interesting if some of those rhetorical questions wound up being not so rhetorical.
CroupierRick: wouldn't it?
GrayAnderson5: Well, think about how Dooku will take it if Bonzo decides to come out and admit that he really likes Petra?
CroupierRick: oh yeah. you've been building that nicely--it's clear Dooku is NOT happy about that
GrayAnderson5: *nods*
I'd like to take a moment to note that Bonzo is turning into Anakin Skywalker without the Force at an alarming rate.
CroupierRick: yes! very good point
CroupierRick: I hadn't thought of that
CroupierRick: why doesn't his not having the force make me feel any less nervous about that? lol
GrayAnderson5: I've been smelling it in the air, so to speak, but he was looking like he'd succeed.
GrayAnderson5: Hmm...I thought of something.
CroupierRick: yup?
GrayAnderson5: What if Dooku dumps Bonzo as a Padawan over that issue?
CroupierRick: hmmm. where would Bonzo go then? wouldn't that just drive him straight over to Obi-Wan, which is where you'd rather he not go?
GrayAnderson5: True, true.
GrayAnderson5: Let's make it a major bone of contention instead, and something that can blow up further.
GrayAnderson5: And let's have Obi-Wan trying to get Dooku to lighten up.
CroupierRick: yeah, THAT certainly seems true
CroupierRick: yeah, that's also good
CroupierRick: lol, oh the 'lightening up' thread--I can tell THAT is going to go really well! rofl
GrayAnderson5: If by well, you mean Dooku nearly starts throwing furniture, then I agree.
CroupierRick: hee!
CroupierRick: what's the Jedi phrase for "Bite me!!"
CroupierRick: ?
GrayAnderson5: We'll find out in a hurry!
CroupierRick: rofl
CroupierRick: seriously, Gray, you have some great plot potential here
GrayAnderson5: I agree, and I saw bits and pieces before.
CroupierRick: oh, I know you did, b/c you've been developing a lot of it well
CroupierRick: but getting the big picture is usually easier if you have others to bounce the ideas off of
CroupierRick: I've had people do that for me lots of times
CroupierRick: I've had many facepalming moments of, "Why didn't I see that I was doing that?"
CroupierRick: lol
CroupierRick: anyway, bedtime for me I think
CroupierRick: hope that helps
GrayAnderson5: Thank you very much! It was helpful.
GrayAnderson5: I think I've got a lot of stuff I needed to actually get things back under control and have my character going in a direction he should be going.
CroupierRick: YAY
CroupierRick: =)
CroupierRick: glad to hear it! talk to you later
GrayAnderson5: Later!
CroupierRick is away at 6:06:13 AM.
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OOC: For those of you reading this, I'm away from now until Sunday at a conference. Back on Sunday.

I just got told I shouldn't take my computer...grandma's worried I'll lose it.

So, see you on Sunday.

Hopefully, seeing William Hague speak will make up for this.
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Bonzo wakes in the cell he was tossed in back on Petra's world...still handcuffed...

Did I dream about going back to Milliways?

He stumbles to his feet, when the door opens, and two guards come in, simply grabbing him and hauling him through the halls. He struggles, but there's no use in trying to escape.

They proceed through a seemingly endless maze of halls, taking turns and staircases that seem to go on and on forever. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, they emerge in an well-decorated office overlooking a courtyard. A man stands in the office, back toward Bonzo, features veiled in the dim light of the office.

"You know who I am?"

Bonzo shakes his head, but a chill of fear races through his body.

"I know who you are. I know everything about you." Pause. "And about her."

The man waves a hand, and guards drag out a battered, weakened, visibly bruised and bloodied Petra, who collapses when the guards let her go.

"And I know that you're not strong enough to save her."

Bonzo frowns, but doesn't lose his cool.

"You're not strong enough, and you never will be." The man's voice echoes in Bonzo's mind, and he sees the man draw out Bonzo's lightsaber and step toward Petra. Bonzo struggles to run and try to stop the man, but the guards hold him in place.

"Please, no...don't kill her..." Bonzo cries out, but to no avail. The man ignites the lightsaber and shoves it into Petra's chest. All he can hear are her echoing screams. "You're next, Madrid." The man seems to step towards him...

And Bonzo snaps awake in the infirmary, wincing both at the dream and the pain caused by rolling over on his wounded hand. He glances around, breathing deeply. Just a dream...just a dream...
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(OOC Note: This RP is not likely to become Milli-canon...there's just too much that can interfere, and what's discussed will likely change in the course of 'normal' RP in the related plot. But it was too interesting to ignore for a month.)

Bonzo comes back into the Bar. He looks...different now. Younger.

As young as he was when he first came in the Bar, but yet he's an entirely different person than he was then at the same time. He's got a short Padawan haircut, complete with the associated braid. There's a lightsaber on his belt.

Not the same kid who, at the same age as he is now, was plotting to kill Ender Wiggin. Definitely not. Which should be fun when he walks up to Petra. "Hey, Petra."
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In Boba's room, Bonzo lays fairly still, pretty much docile after spending a day or so hogtied by Boba Fett. His robes are disheveled, and he's got a bruise or two visible from where he's attempted several stunts at escaping. But he's given up on that now. He's just awaiting being handed over to Darth Vader now, and mentally keeping himself from going into a panic.
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Bonzo wakes up, and looks around. He's no longer in the room Fett's been holding him in...he's now in a cell. His hands are still tied up, now in electrobinders, but his legs are free. He paces in the cell for a bit, when the door opens and a contingent of stormtroopers appear outside.

Two of the troopers come in, blasters drawn, and grab him by the arms. He walks out the door, led by them, and looks around.

"Lord Vader wants to see the Jedi now."

With that comment from one of the stormtroopers, Bonzo swallows hard as he's led down the hall, taken up in an elevator, and brought into a larger room further up in...wherever he is. In the room, standing at the far end, is a man in a black helmet, black cape, etc.

"Release him," Vader says, and a chill goes down Bonzo's spine.

The stormtroopers comply immediately, letting Bonzo stand on his own but not releasing the electrobinders.

Someone forget the keys?

"Leave us."

With that, the stormtroopers leave the room, shutting the door behind them.

"Jedi scum. Fett said he found you in a bar, but wouldn't say more."
"Let me go, Vader."

Vader shakes his head, and suddenly Bonzo finds it hard to breathe. Then he looks down, and he's not touching the floor, either.

"Do you think your power is anything next to
"Please...Vader...let me go..."
"Tell me where Obi-Wan Kenobi is, and I may be merciful."

You know that game, where someone says 'don't think about banthas' to a little kid? The first thing he'll do is think about banthas, no matter how hard he tries not to. That works here, too.

"I'll never tell you anything, Vad...aaahhh..."
"He's on Tatooine. Betrayed by your weakness."

Bonzo's head rears back in pain, as Vader's hand makes a slowly closing C. He struggles, but Vader keeps squeezing.

"You...have...a son..."
"That's not possible."

In spite of that, the grip is released suddenly, and Bonzo collapses to the floor, gasping for breath.

"You lie."
"No, you lie to yourself, Vader. About everything."

Vader draws his lightsaber and ignites it. Bonzo, defenseless, struggles to his feet.

"Go ahead, kill me. It won't change a thing."

Vader steps towards Bonzo, lightsaber drawn and pointing at him as Bonzo forcibly avoids trembling visibly.

"Your fear betrays your are weak, like all the other Jedi who tried to betray the Empire. And like them, now you shall die."

Bonzo struggles against the electrobinders, trying to break loose, but it's to no avail.

"Go ahead. Strike me down unarmed...I won't even be good practice that way."

Vader's non-saber hand is extended again, and Bonzo finds himself lifted off the floor.

"Then practice with the Force it will have to be."

As Vader's hand closes again, Bonzo feels his throat tighten.

No, please, no...

" Vader..."

And then Bonzo hears a sickening crunch, and feels his body go limp.

With that, Bonzo wakes up from his sleep in a cold sweat. He nearly screams at the dream, and as it is, he's breathing heavily, calming himself down.

Can't let that happen...gotta be a way out of here...
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Bonzo didn't do a whole lot in the Department of Trying to Escape for the first few hours he was in Boba's room. Rather, he was busy keeping himself from going into a full blown panic. He succeeded in that, and managed some restless sleep after a little while.

However, he wakes up after some unknown length of ain't like he has a watch on him, and he's blindfolded on top of that. But Boba seems to be asleep, which means that he can try getting into a better position to escape. He tries this. As a result of this attempt, there is some squirming as he tries his best to force his hands around his rear end...which meets with no success, and only causes him to mutter things under his breath and breathe fairly heavily, in spite of the gag.
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Bonzo steps into the Bar from outside. Another day, still no Dooku. This is getting slightly old, and he's worried about Dooku. So, rather than immediately head up to his room, Bonzo sits down at a booth in the back of the Bar.
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Bonzo hurriedly opens the door to his room, slips in, and slams it shut. Breathing quickly, almost hyperventilating, he collapses on his bed.

I did not just run into Boba Fett...

Yes, he did. He just doesn't want to think about it...but it's there.

Ok, I ran into him and he didn't kill me...what does this mean...

He spends some time calming himself down, and thinks it through.

I have no idea what he intends, but this is the Bar. Who knows what that means to Boba, but it should mean something. Still...I'll have to keep an eye out for him.

Finally, as he calms down and relaxes, he decides on something to do about it.

I'll mention it to Ray, mention it to Dooku when he gets back, and let it roll from there.

And with that, he relaxes a good bit.
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Bonzo is walking down the hall, returning from yet another practice alone.

This is really getting old. Where the kriff is Dooku, anyway?

He shakes off the's just agitating.
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After he completed his lightsaber, Bonzo did get a bit of a makeover, as follows:
His hair is now less than an inch long, looking a lot like Anakin's in Episode 2 (or in the pictures of him set betweem Eps. 1 and 2). There is also a small tuft behind Bonzo's right ear that hasn't been cut.

When he's being instructed by Dooku or is meditating (or on his way to either activity), he'll be in his Jedi robes, probably sans outer robe. At times other than this, he'll be dressed as the circumstances dictate, usually in a t-shirt and shorts.

Personality-wise, Bonzo is forcing himself under control. There are things that will set him off, and one is the fit that Petra is giving him. Only through a good deal of effort has he managed not to blow his stack, and even then, he's been close to doing so on more than one occasion.

Aside from his temper, though, Bonzo has also lost a lot of his ego. It may return at some point in the future, but won't for at least the time being. He's honestly too concerned about doing something that will endanger his Padawanship with Dooku.
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Bonzo has been sitting in his room, meditating some. He's in his new robes, which he couldn't wait to put on (then again, to be perfectly realistic, would you if you were in his position?), and the new lightsaber is attached to his belt. He also looks decidedly like he's had a haircut, which he probably has had recently.

And then, after meditating for some time, his legs get a bit sore, so he takes a walk.
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Bonzo knocks on the door to Dooku's room, and when Dooku invites him in, he enters.

"Master, I have all of the components in place in my lightsaber. Would you care to look over it?"

Dooku nods, and extends a hand, and Bonzo carefully places the crystal-free lightsaber in his hand. He examines it for a few minutes, both visually and through the Force, and visually, looking at various components. "Very nice. Very well done."

Bonzo nods, and Dooku looks at him.

"Remember, this is not a toy, Bonzo. This point was driven home to me by Master Yoda when I got my first lightsaber."


"Realize that I am not making you a Jedi now. As I said before, your training is by no means complete, though I will say that this stage is. You least as far as someone who is not Force-sensitive could, I believe, passed this trial."

With that, Dooku turns to a box sitting on the dresser in his room, opens it, withdraws a crystal, and inserts it very carefully into the lightsaber. Then, he closes the opening that allowed him to insert the crystal, and charges it for a few moments with...the Force or whatever is behind charging it. Then, he hands it to Bonzo, and gestures for him to point it away from anything.

Bonzo complies, and flips the power switch, and a blade the color of the summer sky emerges. After looking at the blade (and after both he and Dooku are satisfied that ignition of the blade will not, in fact, burn down the Bar or blow it up), he turns it off. "Thank you, Master."

"Remember what I said...this is not a toy, it is a tool and a weapon. Use it only if no other option will work."

Bonzo nods, and Dooku smiles at him. "Congratulations on this, Padawan. I am going to encourage you to consider training with a remote similar to what Ray has been doing, but I will leave that decision up to you."

There is a brief pause, and Dooku finally wraps up.

"Be careful. Use your training lightsaber when attempting variations on your form, when experimenting with your form, or when sparring. The two are...extremely similar, and I do not want you to unnecessarily or unintentionally injure yourself or anybody else."

Bonzo nods in assent, and Dooku smiles. "Whether or not the wars that concern you come, I know that you will make the right decision."

"Thank you, Master. I will not disappoint you."

Dooku smiles, and then seems to remember something else. "I have something else for you, Bonzo." He walks over to the closet in the room, and withdraws a set of robes very much similar to Obi-Wan's in Episode II or Qui-Gon's in the image of him and Dooku on Wookiepedia (or Dooku and Yoda).

Bonzo looks somewhat shocked by the gift, and he bows his head, accepting the gift quite gratefully. "Thank you, Master."

"It is only appropriate, padawan. I think you will find that they fit quite well, and they do not have quite the...image that the ones you said the Bar gave you for Halloween carry."

Bonzo smiles at that last comment, and excuses himself. You could say that he's somewhat excited about this...he definitely is.
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Bonzo stood at the door to Dooku's room. He knocked, and Dooku invited him in. Bonzo entered, and looked around for a moment. "Master, I am ready to complete my lightsaber."

Dooku nods, sighing. "You realize that your training is not yet complete, do you not?"

"I realize this. I have every intention of continuing for as long as is necessary to complete it, Master."

Another nod, in acknowledgement of Bonzo's statement.
"I am concerned about some...attachments that you still seem to have."

Bonzo takes a deep breath. He knew that this was coming, considering the dreams. "I am aware of this. I am doing what I can, Master."

Dooku blinks at the tone in Bonzo's voice. "And yet you are not yet rid of your impatience. Many a Jedi has fallen because they decided that they were not learning fast enough, or that events were not happening fast enough for them."

Bonzo catches himself with Dooku's admonishment, and looks down at the floor.

"Your impatience is not the root of the problem, Bonzo. You have a fear of dying...Petra mentioned this. She said you were a coward, afraid of your own shadow." Dooku chuckles at this, shaking his head. "She is hardly the best person to go to for an evaluation of a Jedi, as best I can understand. But all the same, you have not yet conquered them. You have brought them under great control, but you still need more control."

Bonzo takes a deep breath and looks at Dooku. "What has she been saying now?"

"She said that you were a coward, afraid of your own shadow. That you were terrified of dying. I advised her that she was wrong, but she wouldn't believe me."

"Terrified is not the word I would use, Master."

"Neither would I use it, but I have to wonder what word you would use in its place."

Bonzo ponders this for a moment. "I don't know. I just don't know."

"Neither do I, but 'afraid' and 'overly concerned' do come to mind."

Bonzo nods in agreement with Dooku's assessment, and Dooku shakes his head.

"Your attachment to your own life has caused you to make bad decisions as well as good ones. The problem is that while the good ones were made for the wrong reasons, the bad ones were compounded by them. Your attachment to your pride led you to make many bad decisions, unless I miss my guess. One does not, after all, get to the point of killing someone over a percieved slight without travelling a long path to get there."

Bonzo simply sighs, and Dooku continues with the lecture.

"Your attachments led you to fall once before, as you yourself put it. I would not disagree with that assessment in the least. You snapped out of your fall merely through your attachment to your own life, however, rather than a basic change in who you were. Yes, you were a better person, and you curbed a good deal of your anger, but not before having to have it pushed forcefully on you. I will say that your decision was probably the right one in that you chose not to give into your anger again, or to let it continue ruling you and getting the better of you."

"I also had a debt of honor to pay to Ender. It would not be right to try and kill the one who spared me, would it?"

Dooku nods, agreeing to Bonzo's assertion. "What would you have said when you were still at Battle School?"

Bonzo ponders the question for a moment, thinking back. He shudders at the answer he comes up with. "He spared me because he was weak."

Dooku nods. "There will always be a piece of that in you, Bonzo. You need to learn to control that piece that you can not get rid of, or it can control you again. And this time, it may destroy you. You said yourself that you were saved merely by the fortune of being pulled into the Bar. You will always have your weaknesses, Bonzo. That does not matter. It is what you do with your strengths and weaknesses that define who you are...and what you will become, not the strengths and weaknesses themselves."

"I understand this. I try to control myself..."

"Do not try. Do. Master Yoda once said to do or do not, for there is no try. Do not try to control your attachments and remove yourself from them, do it. Decide that you will, and force yourself to do that."

There is a pause. Bonzo can't help but blink at getting a version of Yoda's rather famous lecture to Luke from someone with far better grammar.

"If you fail, it happens, but do not permit yourself to fail in your duty. If it happens through the will of the Force, that cannot be helped. That is not a sign of weakness, Bonzo. It is only a sign of failure if in response to it, you tap into your anger to try and make up for it. But with that aside, you must learn to do what you intend to, not try to. Trying, after all, gives you the ability to fail in the attempt and blame it on not trying hard enough as an excuse."

Bonzo nods, recalling a commander once ordering another toon leader to 'just take the damn star' when that toon leader had said he'd try to take it. "I shall control my fear better, then, though I must ask for your guidance in this."

Dooku smiles, and gestures for him to be seated. Bonzo obliges, and Dooku begins.

"Much of your training has been focused on controlling your emotions and your responses. But you have not been truly forced to react to anything as a reflex, and I feel that this is one thing that is lacking in your training." Dooku takes a deep breath and sighs. "It cannot be helped here, unfortunately. I cannot devise trials for you, though I may at some point be able to help you find them." He pauses again. "I can, however, help you find some tests...your meeting with Petra, for example, was a test, and I feel that you passed it more than adequately, if your account of it is correct."

Bonzo smiles ever so slightly, and Dooku continues again.

"Your reaction was not one of terror...yes, there was fear, but you did not immediately attempt to attack her to stop her from shooting you. You did not arm yourself immediately in response, either, though you did request permission to...something that I agreed with, but asking guidance with such a...troubling situation shows yet more maturity. And you did not seek to attack her in response, either then or later, when you could have probably killed her. Would you have let her live three years ago?"

Bonzo shakes his head. "No, Master, I would not have."

"My point, exactly. You reacted well. Hopefully, no such challenge will present itself again in the near future. However, the possibility is definitely there. And I do feel that you will react properly...up to a point. There is still some uncertainty about your reactions, either in a protracted crisis or after a long series of conflicts. And what if you are facing an enemy, rather than a well-known person you believe to be a friend?"

Bonzo shrugs, and sighs. "I don't know. I haven't been in any of those situations."

"I agree. You are still growing, but you have been well-trained and a good student thus far."

Dooku stands, and walks over to the box he has been keeping the remaining components in. "I am going to give you permission to finish your lightsaber. However, let me instruct you on something."

Bonzo's ears probably visibly perk up. "Yes, Master?"

"You are not to use this in aggression under any circumstances. Use your judgement under that rule, but do not break it."

Bonzo nods. "I understand."

"Further, do not use it unless all other means are exhausted. This is a deadly weapon...if you use it on an opponent and make contact with them, there is a very good chance that they will die, and they will definitely be in a good deal of pain."

Bonzo arches an eyebrow. "All other means?"

"Yes. And do not flaunt it...its use as a threat of force may be necessary to avoid using it as a weapon, but there are many, many ways to achieve that same objective in a far less threatening manner."

Another nod, in acknowledgement of this order.

"Simply put, do not take it off your belt unless you are drawing it to defend yourself or someone else, using it as a tool, or putting it away. If you need an ego boost from flaunting it, we have a lot more work to do than I hope we do."

"I understand this, Master."

"Very well. When you complete it...something that should not take you very much more time, I might note, come back to me and I will install the crystal for you."

Bonzo nods, accepting the package.

"Thank you, Master."
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Bonzo stands out behind the Bar, looking out at the lake. With little else to do, he wanders to the edge of the lake and finds a raft there...the replica of the one Ender floated on, in another world, though he doesn't recall that. What he does know is that, given that it's more than slightly warm out, he could use some time alone, and the lake is as good a place as any to get it.

He steps onto the raft, and lays down as soon as he pushes off, floating slowly out into the lake. The peace give him time to reflect on things, something that he hasn't done nearly enough.

So the world's tearing itself apart back home, and I can't prevent it. Alright. Now that I know this, what do I do with the information?

I plan. Like I planned for all those battles, I plan for as many situations as I can. The question is, what outcome do I want?

No, wrong question. It's not what outcome do I's what outcome is best for the world.

Which outcome is that? Control by the IF? The US dominant again? Europe? China? Certainly not Russia...and probably not the Cailiphate, either.

Bonzo pushes the raft a bit through the water, steering it along the shore with an occasional kick or a push with his hand. It's been a long time since he actually came down to the lake and swam...long enough that he didn't rightfully remember how peaceful it was.

I'm going to guess that the US or Europe is our best bet. And of the two, the US is the most likely to work. The IF might work well, but they're...the kriffing IF. What can I say? Also, there's too much sentiment against them after losing the war, and the control they had over the world.

He's now out a good ways in the lake, and he just lets the raft float for the longest time, thinking about what this is going to take.

I'm not a politician...I hate legal stuff. Boring, dirty...not for me. But...I'll see what I can do about working through this. I'll see...but everyone from Battle School will probably hate me.

That's going to be a real pain to deal with.

On the bright side, I can probably talk with a few of my father's connections and may be able to quietly get something moving. Who knows. Just stuff to think about.

Bonzo slips off behind the raft and begins kicking towards the shore, happy that he at least got to sort through the mess back home.
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Bonzo was standing in an office, looking out the window at a city, probably Madrid. The only thing is that the city is in smoldering ruins. Smoke rises from many of the buildings.

"You couldn't have prevented this, Bonzo. The wars came and you couldn't have stopped them."
"Spain was supposed to remain neutral, not join in against the IF."
"I know. Still...did it have to be this devastating?"
"It did. It was the only way to win."

He looks back out the windows, and shakes his head.

"If only..."
"No ifs."
"No, Master. If only I had done something, anything..."
"You do realize what the alternative was, do you not?"

Bonzo shakes his head.

The dream fades into a bunker, clearly military, though the time is uncertain to Bonzo.

There's a war going on outside, and Bonzo can feel it. Mainly because of the explosions that are shaking the IF bunker, that the anti-IF forces have taken, apart. He walks over to a slit window just in time to see a massive explosion outside.

"We can't hold them off any longer, General. There are too many out there."

The Russians. He's fighting the Russians in what became a four-way war recently. Russia, China, Western Europe and the US, and the IF all opposing eachother. And he's working with the US.

"Do whar you must, but hold them off..."

Suddenly, a blast tears through the compound wall, sending Bonzo flying backwards. He lands against a bank of computers, nearly unconscious. Only a lot of focus brings him to his feet as he hears footsteps coming into his room. Closing his eyes, Bonzo reaches down to his belt, and pulls an object off it...a cylinder that emits a blade the color of the summer sky.

The invading soldiers storm in, and Bonzo moves to intercept them. He moves as quickly as a non-Force-sensitive human could be expected to, and shocks many of the soldiers merely by his presence with the blade. He probably cuts down a dozen and injures another five or six severely, taking a few grazing bullets in the process. But they're only flesh wounds, and he keeps fighting until one strikes him in the chest.

Bonzo goes down, taking another shot in the shoulder as he goes, and he drops the lightsaber. It lands just out of reach of his hand, and the soldiers storm in. He turns, looking up at the men storming in, and suddenly hears a thunderously loud bang. He can barely see, but he notices one of the soldiers pick up his lightsaber.

"What did this guy think he was? Some kind of a Jedi?"
"I dunno, but this thing works...

The dream fades back to the office, where he's looking out the window.

"I'd choose that over this."
"I shouldn't survive a war by hiding in some corner of the world unless I'm doing something there."
"Doing something?"
"Doing something useful. I survived the war, but for what? At least there...there, I made a difference."
"Did you? You fell in the opening weeks of the war. The result was the same."
"Yes, but..."

Bonzo wakes up from his dream/nightmare sweating. No, no, not more of these to keep him up in the middle of the night. Not more of these dreams.

He gets out of bed, and looks in the mirror. Those dreams may not be real, but they were sure freaking him out. And he can't help the nagging feeling that back home, two options are becoming open to the world: Bad and worse.
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The dreams never did stop...they weren't every night, like they had been immediately after seeing the video, but even after nearly two years (for Bonzo, at least...time in bar plus time in his world) they still cropped up every so often. This is, obviously one of those nights.

(Note: /(text)/ will be thoughts during the dream, for ease of reading.)

Bonzo walks into the bathroom at Battle School. He walks over and stands in front of the shower stall Ender is showering in and waits for him to finish, calmly holding the towel. Ender comes out. He can't hear the dialogue, but they fight.

Bonzo falls, and looks up at Ender.

/Please don't kill me./

Ender looks down at him.

"You would have killed me."

Bonzo looks up at him, and the facade of bravado on his face breaks down.


He sees Ender lift his foot, swinging it back at Bonzo's face. Bonzo tries moving, but he's paralyzed.



Bonzo wakes up. He's sweating from this dream, which was rather intense, but after a moment, he dozes back off. The dreaming continues.

Bonzo isn't at Battle School, and he doesn't know where he is for a moment. He sees Ender in standing there with Dink, and he's walking in, almost on autopilot.

"Your weapons, please. We wouldn't want to make a mess of this in front of the Colonel."

Ender and Dink draw lightsabers on Bonzo and a chill runs down his spine.

/ I do -not- want to be here./

Needless to say, the fight continues exactly as you would see it in Episode 3. And Bonzo

He's looking up, seeing Ender staring at him, sabers crossed in front of his throat. Then he hears a rather familiar voice from behind him.

"Kill him, Ender. Kill him."
Ender hesitates, and Bonzo looks surprised.
"Do it!"
"But...Colonel Graff, you promised me immunity!"
"Do it!"
Ender still looks conflicted, but he takes a deep breath and...

Bonzo wakes up, startled and soaked with sweat. He's now pretty conscious, and he looks around.

"What happened?"

He asks this of himself, taking a moment to sort out the bad dreams. Getting up out of his bed, he realizes that he's still wearing his Anakin robes. Go figure. That might explain the last dream. So, he takes the robes off, muttering something about needing to clean them, and goes back to sleep.
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So this is what it feels like to be normal?

Bonzo Madrid had never been so bored in his life, at least as far as he could remember. Not even at the bar, where he'd at least been able to find people to talk to on a regular basis who weren't either dumb (as most of the kids in his school were...but that was from his point of view) or boring (or, more properly put, lacking in similar interests).

Then again, life on earth had its advantages. He'd met the Prime Minister a few months back, at a dinner his father had trotted him out to. It was rather interesting, especially when he got bored and managed to embarass some low-ranking minister after asking him what seemed like a simple question on taxes.

That's what you get when I get bored...but at least I'm not wasting my time, like half of the kids here.

There were always parties, and he never went. Yes, it would occasionally pass some time, but never in an enjoyable way. He preferred games for some reason (possibly the fact that they had been most of his life before he came home for...what was or eight years?), and he played them rather well...and usually very ferociously.

But he lost well, at least when the winner didn't try and rub it in. And even then...he wasn't plotting to kill anyone when they did push a few buttons. In fact, he hadn't hit anyone since he came home. That was impressive, even in his own mind.

He'd would up with one odd refuge, though...of all things, Star Wars had a hold on him. It must have been sitting by a sabacc pot with Luke that made him like it so much. Or...more likely Jaina letting him hold a lightsaber. Such a shame they weren't...buildable here. However...the versions that were available, as cheap as they might be next to the real thing, were decent for sparring. And they didn't come with the risk of lost limbs associated.

So he'd taken to sparring and developing his form (and yes, he preferred Form IV), alongside watching the movies (in various forms, including some old, old, old copies from the library...and sometime in the 21st Century). Somehow, it seemed to fit his personality and his temperament...and with a few partners who would spar with him, it kept him in shape.

But the boredom was there, just the same. It mainly came in class, in part because several of his teachers simply let him read/play games/do whatever because he had an uncanny way of answering a question when he hadn't been paying attention. That and he often found ways of stirring up trouble if a teacher annoyed him too much. As his government teacher might have said, it beat running the Democratic Republic of Salamander. And he almost never got anything wrong on a test.

And as a result, his parents would be transferring him to the local college that fall, full-time. Which would be a nice change of pace...he was too tempted to really start causing trouble as things were.

But he also remembered being told that the Light and Dark Sides were real, and he took that much to heart. All the more reason for him to get somewhere he wouldn't just be making noise.
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