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He went back home...if you could call it home. The ship taking him to the colony world wasn't really a home per se; it was a place to stay between the world you were leaving and the one you were going to. But it was where he was staying, so it could be called a home.

But it really didn't feel like home to him; just another place to stay. There were too many things that were missing; too much was unknown to him when he walked back through the door. So, when he did, Bruck immediately went to one of the public access terminals with barely a word. They were connected to the nets; the ansibles ensured that you could do that, even if the connection speed was horrible and every time you refreshed the screen it was a different day or week on Earth. So, he began searching.

The first link on the name 'Bonzo Madrid' pulled up a video site with a very...impressive video of him fighting with...

A lightsaber? When did I have one of those?

But as he continued looking through the videos, more things emerged. Some were essentially copies of the first one; others, however...

That can't be me! No! I'd never do that!

A few minutes of looking at that video, clearly a vid shot with a mobile phone, and he was just about to faint.'s just not possible...I could never...

And then someone who he recognized...

What the...? That's Achilles! What am I doing being congratulated by him?


He'd only been at the terminal maybe ten minutes, but by the time he logged off and went back to his room, a copy of the vids in hand on a disc, it was all he could do not to make how shaken he was at the sight of what he'd seen show. He had a feeling that would be a Bad Thing. So, following a gut instinct (or, probably more properly, a gag reflex), he runs into the bathroom...


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