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OOM: A Second Chance

When he 'returned' to Earth, it was a planet he didn't know.  He had no idea where he was, though a few oddball instincts led him to root around the office he emerged in.

By the time "Bruck" left the building, he was in posession of several numbered accounts with no name attached to them.

From there, it was remarkably simple...there were virtually no photos of him in existence from the last year (not that he'd think to erase them).  He was simply a man with several million dollars in the bank who had no history and nothing to connect the account to a certain Bonzo Madrid, both wanted for his role in assisting Achilles' rule and presumed killed in the attack on Achilles' facility.


Six weeks later, "Bruck" boarded one of the first colony ships to be launched for outer space.  Delayed for years by political wrangling and the wars that had raged on Earth, it had been finished only a few months before by the American government, acting independently of the IF.  When the ship launched, he wasn't even sorry to leave a world he couldn't remember being on for more than a few weeks.


His lack of papers weren't noticed as a result of the chaos that had shaken the world in the previous few years.  Many of the colonists had lost everything in the wars; although colonies generally had one or two uniting qualities, due to the small number of colonies being started as yet, to say that they were homogenous was a joke.


Two weeks after the launch of the ship, "Bruck" was sitting in his room, alone.  <i>Do I have a family anywhere?  No...I'm alone.</i>  For some reason, this was a comfort,  <i>Nothing behind me; only the future in front of me.  Let's see what we can do with that.</i>


The ship's engines had been upgraded from the basic models used in the first two to cut the journey time from two years to only eight months.  Additionally, a few of the 'messenger ships' the IF had been experimenting with were also loaded on board.


Bruck almost never left his cabin.  He spent the days trying to sort out who he was...who he had been...and had no luck whatsoever.  Finally, after two weeks, he effectively gave up on the matter.  He was a blank slate.  <i>Alone, no memory, and a decent-sized bank account?</i>  Pause.  <i>Could be worse.  I could be broke.</i>


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